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Yoga-Lehrerin Karina de Blanck-Lamberti

Welcome to Heaven & Earth Yoga. Here in the centre of Falkenstein I have created a bright and cosy room in which to practise Yoga.

Yoga is a great way to turn your attention back to yourself away from the busy and demanding activities of our jobs and families and whatever else is going on in our lives. Yoga is a thousands of years old tried and trialed method of calming the mind. The actual goal of yoga is to strengthen and stretch the body and calm emotions and thoughts so that we are able finally to sit in deep meditative absorption. Yoga helps us to integrate all levels of our being.


Whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some experience in yoga, I invite you to come as you are and try it out. Every person is unique and their bodies and lives have their own story to tell. Yoga is not competitve and it is not about being able to perform an asana as you might see it pictured in a magazine. It is all about you and where you stand right now and how to move forward from this standpoint. What is important is to have correct alignment and technique so that you can get the most out of the asana without injury. My job as a teacher is to insure this. My courses are designed to accomodate the needs of  each individual participant.


The classes I teach incorporate Hatha and Kriya Yoga using a light Flow style which connect movement with breath. The muscles enjoy being  stretched  and strengthened in many different positions, the breath becomes deeper and smoother and the mind slows down. Often, towards the end of the class I will include some Yin Yoga positions to further calm the nervous system and mind before the final deep relaxation pose.


If you or a group of you and your friends are interested in a trial lesson please contact me under: or call me at 0173-360 4293.  If, after a trial session, you decide yoga or the style I practise is not for you, feel free to ask about other styles so I can direct you to what you need.

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